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Our Vision

Cohac Rising’s vision is to increase self-sufficiency in women experiencing homelessness and mental health challenges in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia (DMV) areas.

Our Mission 

Cohac Rising will provide opportunities to address the barriers associated with women’s homelessness and mental health challenges through our Wellness and Enrichment Center which meets each person where they are.  We utilize a curriculum that is strategic and person-centered, and focuses on overall wellness, mind, body, and spirit, along with Employment and Housing Readiness.

What Sets Cohac Rising Apart

Initially, we will only take in a few participants (4) at a time which gives us the ability to work closely with each participant and truly provide them with the attention and support that they need. 


One of the first steps in our program is centered around Mindset. We first deal with mindset, because if you don’t deal with mindset and work to shift it to a more positive way of thinking then your program will not be effective and we are only wanting to make a difference to last a lifetime.


We will bring the resources the participants’ need to our Wellness and Enrichment Center.  We will also host Health and Wellness Hubs a few times throughout the year where we will bring resources in different areas in the county under one roof to support those experiencing homelessness and mental health challenges that are not in our program. We will collaborate with other organizations and support them this way.

Person Centered

Our program is person centered, which means we meet each person where they are and we shape our program around their needs. There is no direct set time frame for how long a  participant needs to stay in the program.  Although we would like to see participants move into their forever home as soon as possible, we know this process can take a while.   Since we may be working with women experiencing mental health challenges, we assist them until they are ready to move to the next steps of getting into their forever home.  After all, it is about stability to maintain housing so that there is one less person living on the street.


We are running our program in strategic steps in order to ensure that all participants are grasping and learning the skill set needed to be successful moving from point A to point B and so on but in their timing. 

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Cohac Rising CEO with bags of shoes donated.

Cohac Rising

Thank You for Supporting Our Shoe Drive Fundraiser

Cohac Rising – CEO Beverly Edwards wrapping up a successful Shoe Drive.

Thank you to all who supported our Shoe Drive with Funds2org.  We are so happy with all the outpouring of support from so many far and near.  Alhough we did not reach our goal of 100 bags of shoes, we collected 33 bags of shoes which is amazing within itself.  After Funds2og collects, and weighs the shoes, we will be able to receive some money back in exchange for the shoes.  This seed money will go towards obtaining our 501c3 status and from that we can start to apply for grants.  We are one step closer to our goal and we are so grateful to all who supported our efforts.  Please continue to check back with us as we continue to move toward supporting more women experiencing homelessness and mental health challenges.

Cohac Rising – Supporting Those in Need

Cohac Rising started its’ efforts to supporting those in need by collecting essential items and blankets from November 1,  2021- February 28, 2022. We were able to assist a local homeless shelter and provide a nice amount of essential items to them. We also created hope bags, adding some of the essential items in them and passed them out with the blankets, to anyone living on the street. Although our winter drive is over, we are always taking accepting essential items so if you would like to give click the link for the essential items list and then contact us for a place and time that someone from our team can meet you to receive your generous support.

How You Can Get Involved

Call (571) 354-8230 to Donate Or Contact Us to get Involved

Volunteer Program

Cohac Rising is always looking to connect with community members who can volunteer their time in our Wellness and Enrichment Center in the areas of physical, spiritual, and mental wellness as well as employment and housing readiness.  If these sound like areas you could assist with and would like to volunteer call us at (571) 354-8230 or contact us.

Sponsor Program

If you would like to to partner with Cohac Rising and become a Sponsor we would love your support. At this time all donations will go towards seed money in order to get our framework done and our entire program ready to start accepting participants.  

Charity Fund

If you would like to support our efforts, you can donate a one time amount of $200, $300, or $400, or you can donate quarterly at any dollar amount that you choose.  You can also support Cohac Rising by purchasing items in our gift shop (Coming Soon).

*We have not yet filed our 501C3 status, so any donations you give at this time cannot be written off as a tax write-off.

Follow Us As We Grow

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