Our Story

Cohac Rising was founded by Beverly A. Edwards, who has always worked in the field of Human Services.  Her desire and passion are centered around servitude.  This is something that Beverly did not only speak of, but also demonstrated by her many acts to support those in need.

In November 2021, Cohac Rising–a non-profit that is centered on community, hope, and change–was formed to assist and provide support to the many women experiencing homelessness and mental challenges in the DMV area.

Being homeless is a major concern but coupled with mental health challenges, becomes an even bigger problem that we see but has not been completely addressed in the DMV area. We at Cohac Rising believe that by collaborating with more community members who have the same desire but different resources, we can have a bigger impact and see more change.  We believe that Cohac Rising can restore hope in people, that have felt hopeless for so long by building a better thriving community that will last a lifetime.

Cohac Rising plans to start making a change in the DMV area, but we also hope to be a blueprint for so many other non-profits that will start after us.  Through our Wellness and Enrichment Center, that is based on a person-centered approach, specifically focusing on wellness, mind, body, and spirit, as well as housing and employment readiness, we know that Cohac Rising will assist so many women to a place of healing.

Furthermore, each participant in our program will be able to build on or receive the needed skills and resources to assist them to become self-sufficient and obtain and maintain their forever home.

How You Can Get Involved

Call (571) 354-8230 to Donate Or Contact Us to get Involved

Volunteer Program

Cohac Rising is always looking to connect with community members who can volunteer their time in our Wellness and Enrichment Center in the areas of physical, spiritual, and mental wellness as well as employment and housing readiness.  If these sound like areas you could assist with and would like to volunteer call us at (571) 354-8230 or contact us.

Sponsor Program

If you would like to to partner with Cohac Rising and become a Sponsor we would love your support. At this time all donations will go towards seed money in order to get our framework done and our entire program ready to start accepting participants.  

Charity Fund

If you would like to support our efforts, you can donate a one time amount of $200, $300, or $400, or you can donate quarterly at any dollar amount that you choose.  You can also support Cohac Rising by purchasing items in our gift shop (Coming Soon).

*We have not yet filed our 501C3 status, so any donations you give at this time cannot be written off as a tax write-off.

Follow Us As We Grow

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